Glen’s Garden Market

Written by Ella Daniels


Glen’s Garden Market opened in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, D.C., in April 2013 and now has 46 employees. One of the most unique facets of our store is that all produce and goods in our store come from the Chesapeake Watershed.

Owner Danielle Vogel comes from a family with more than 100 years of grocery tradition. Her father, Glen Rosengarten (the inspiration for Glen’s) founded a chain of supermarkets in New York called Food Emporium. Both grandfathers and uncles were also in the business.

Corporate Responsibility

The mission of Glen’s Garden Market is entrenched with a list of 10 values that permeate throughout the company culture. Chief among them is to grow small businesses along with our own. We’ve helped 17 local brands to launch in the store, and a number of them have found widespread success.

Our store not only helps small businesses by giving them shelf-space they may not otherwise find, but also helps local organizations. For instance, we held a virtual food drive and raised funds for the Capital Area Food Bank, a hunger organization serving the Washington metro area.

CR Story

Vogel, who was a policy advisor before opening Glen’s, started the grocer with the goal to make climate change progress. This reaches everything from only selling locally sourced food—to cut down on gas emissions, to the countertops, which are made from post-consumer recycled paper. All employees—referred to us as “locals”—are encouraged to bike to work, which is evidenced by the showers in the bathrooms and bike rack in the employee area. For Glen’s Garden Market, the mission isn’t just taught, it’s a belief held by all employees.