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Kentlands Nutrition is a nutrition club in Gaithersburg, Maryland that strives to help individuals achieve their personal wellness goals. We equip whoever walks through our doors with the tools to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. To help promote good health, the club offers wellness assessments, personal coaching, and Herbalife nutrition and weight management products. Kentlands Nutrition also brings the community together around wellness to propel the mission of healthy living.



We are a mission-driven business. We provide members access to a line of nutrition products (Herbalife) that ultimately helps individuals realize their wellness goals. But we do more than offer a healthy product. We realized that the key to helping people achieve their wellness goals involves community, socialization, and recognition. So, we have set out to be a community focal point for nutrition and wellness, providing free wellness activities to the community. Even without purchasing products, people may participate in our 24FIT Body Challenge or 24FIT Clubs. The body challenge brings participants together on a weekly basis for weigh-ins and health classes, and encourages accountability as well as provides recognition. The 24FIT Clubs are offered to any individual, and are structured around group activity — such as hikes, exercises or games. We also convene a monthly empowerment group for women to focus on wellness of the mind. We promote a healthier community by keeping our doors open and creating the space where wellness socialization can take place, whether you are a member or a guest.



Once we opened a retail outlet — and essentially a place where people could convene around wellness — we saw a complete change in our business. It was a real paradigm shift. Rather than focusing on Herbalife membership sales, we started to focus on creating more access points for individuals to be part of a wellness community. This shift in how we do business, in turn, doubled our sales within the first year of operations. When we do well as a business, we know we are better serving the healthy living needs of the community.

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