Lipstick Lounge


Lipstick Lounge is a consignment store with a boutique vibe, offering high-end vintage and contemporary clothes, shoes and accessories in the Kentlands Community of Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Owner Monique Raphaëlle Fabo, who purchased Lipstick Lounge in September 1, 2016, describes the store as a huge celebrity closet, with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and more… for bargain prices.


Monique was born in Cameroon, but grew up in Milan, Rome and Paris, where she frequented fashion shows and upscale boutiques.  She was discouraged from pursuing fashion until she finished her education, but her passion was evident and persistent.   Monique felt called to share her gift for style, and dreamed of helping others express their inner beauty with fashion.

Monique embraces beauty in diversity and uniqueness.  One of the reasons she was so happy to pursue her dream in Gaithersburg is the multi-cultural community.  ”Even though I look different, and I sound different, I’m welcome.”  And that’s what Monique aims to do for each of her guests, no matter their age, nationality or color.

Encouraging young people to stick with their creative dreams is also important to Monique.   Now Lipstick Lounge gives local artisans a chance sell their products, and hosts a forum for young people to hear local entrepreneurs’ stories and be encouraged to embrace their individuality and dreams.



Monique’s focus on inclusion, and support of individuality through style and creative pursuits has impacted her most important relationships.  Lipstick Lounge is enjoying more new clients, repeat visits and growth in the high-end consignments that sustain the business.  And, as demonstrated by continually evolving partnerships, community businesses know and value Lipstick Lounge as a neighbor.