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Located in Rockville, Maryland, Monarch CPA Services has been providing tax and accounting services for small businesses and individuals since 2005. Owner and CPA Katie Mongelli sets Monarch’s services apart by emphasizing the importance of empowering clients to achieve their business goals by making financial literacy and business planning accessible and understandable. The firm’s guiding principles are to listen, give the time, and value each client — in turn, Monarch CPAs fully understand each client’s needs and questions, tailors the service to meet the client’s individual circumstance, and works with the client to understand the process and results.



Our approach to client engagement also shapes our commitment to the community. We believe that empowering individuals with financial literacy can change lives — we have seen it happen with our clients, so we also strive to provide the same experience and knowledge to our greater community. Katie volunteers her time at the Rockville Women Business Center, where she teaches a class on Quickbooks, and provides one-on-one financial counseling sessions to women. We also responded to a local non-profit’s request for a bookkeeper. Rather than doing their books for them, however, we taught them how to use Quickbooks and empowered them to do everything on their own — from accounting, financial reports, to taxes. It’s a matter of building confidence, and making finance/accounting understandable and accessible, often for the first time in someone’s professional or personal life. And we are committed to do this one client, one community member at a time.



When you work with someone’s finances, it’s personal. We learned that if we listened to clients (whether big or small) and engaged them in a conversation about their business and finances, that we could help them understand the financial back-end of the house and propel their business. We realized that if we structured the interaction as such, what we offer is an even more important function in society and we can make a difference in people’s know-how and lives — not just their bank accounts. What’s more is that it’s good for business. We know that clients really appreciate understanding the process because they stay loyal to our firm and refer others.

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