Occasions Caterers

Written by Ella Daniels


Occasions Caterers was founded in 1986 by brothers Eric and Mark Michael. Located in Washington, D.C., the full service, high-end boutique caterer tries to meet the needs and desires of every customer with a wide range of culinary and event execution. Their mission is to create wonderful experiences and make each customer feel valued. In 2006, the business launched MENUS, a drop-off catering division—ideal for corporate events that don’t require full service catering.

Corporate Responsibility

The Michael brothers realized the importance of social responsibility early on in their careers. While special events are often about having excess and opulence, the team wanted to be conscious about waste—particularly food waste. They began by packing up extra food and driving it to local pantries and soup kitchens following events.

The model of reducing food waste was further refined when Occasions created partnerships with DC Central Kitchen, Nourish Now, Martha’s Table, Bread for the City and other hunger relief organizations in the D.C. metro area. They also donate excess inventory to the Capital Area Food Bank.

CR Story

From the start, Occasions has also been mindful of recycling and energy efficient practices.  The organization restricts water usage, recycles and uses energy-efficient lighting.  Occasions also consolidates deliveries and make every possible effort to buy local, in addition to a number of other environmentally conscious behaviors.

Occasions has also worked closely with The Green Restaurant Association, a national environmental organization, to implement eco-friendly, on-site practices. In 2008, Occasions was recognized as the nation’s first Certified Green Caterer. This designation that has since become the sustainability gold standard for the catering industry.