Restaurant Zone

About Restaurant Zone

Over the past 25 years, Restaurant Zone owner Adam Greenberg has specialized in creating and operating community-centered restaurants, in Montgomery County, MD. Employing approximately 130 staff at three Potomac Pizza restaurants, the Potomac Village Deli & Catering, and Bagels ‘n Grinds, Mr. Greenberg contributes to the local economic growth. By March 2018, Restaurant Zone employment growth is expected to double as a result of an additional Bagels ‘n Grinds, and an expansion into in Prince George’s County, MD, with another Potomac Pizza and a new College Park Grill.

Corporate Responsibility

Though now a growing local chain, Restaurant Zone continues to emphasize the individuality of each of its restaurant communities. Expanding the focus from the restaurant brands and signature foods, Greenberg hires general managers who embrace the unique community values at each location. As the managers embrace the variable culture and needs of staff, collectively, the team serves the larger community more effectively.

Managers and staff are encouraged to engage directly and respond to their neighborhood communities. In Restaurant Zone’s culture, great food and excellent service are important but equally important is answering for the community “Why are we here?” In addition to restaurant-based involvement and giving, Restaurant Zone’s broad response to the community includes annual recognition of public elementary school teachers and staff with gift restaurant gift certificates for all staff members of a few dozen elementary schools.

CR Story

Restaurant Zone’s successful growth can be attributed to being intentional about creating a community within the restaurant, and the broader community. By cultivating values of respect and empowerment among staff, work becomes more meaningful and yields a shared pride. This differentiates Restaurant Zone restaurants as a great place to work and as Mr. Greenberg states, “People want to eat here for the community we facilitate, and for the good food.”

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