Zealous Good


Zealous Good is an online platform that connects people and companies who possess excess items to local non-profits with matching needs. To date, Zealous Good has offered over $1 million in donated items to nearly 500 Chicago-based non-profits. The donated items, which are those specifically needed by non-profits, are put to good use immediately.

Corporate Responsibility:

By leveraging technology, we’re able to more optimally connect someone’s excess supply to non-profit demand.  In this way, our mission is to connect people where they wouldn’t otherwise be connected, and to do good as a result. We believe that people who can help each other deserve to find each other… and we do it every day.

While we do not have control over the interaction of every non-profit and donor, we also hold both parties to a high level of standards. We take every customer comment seriously and work to ensure that it’s resolved. We want to be sure that any interaction with Zealous Good feels like a high five and doing good.

CR Story:

While working at United Way of Metro Chicago in 2010, founder Brittany Graunke spotted opportunities to improve the non-profit space.  As an industrial engineer and former management consultant, Brittany wanted to improve processes. Specifically, I saw that as people were downsizing in the recession, they were seeking to donate their excess items, but didn’t know which non-profits needed them.  At the same time, non-profits often received unneeded or “mismatched” donations that created burden for employees.

From there, I began spending nights and weekends determining how we could optimally connect these donors and non-profits. With research and many conversations, a concept for a web platform came to fruition—so began Zealous Good!