O’Donnell’s Seafood Market

o_donnell_s_kitchen_mediumAbout O’Donnell’s Seafood Market

O’Donnell’s Seafood Market specializes in fresh fish, shellfish, prepared foods, and bakery, a raw bar dining experience, and seasonal outdoor seating.  While the market has a different look and feel than the former O’Donnell’s Sea Grill restaurants, which spanned three generations, the legacy of excellent food and community presence in Potomac, Maryland continues.

Corporate Responsibility

Upon opening this new venture in 2015, Bill Edelblut and his daughter, Ashley, extended their quality commitment by paying careful attention to environmental impact in all facets of the business.   Ashley notes, “With seafood vendors, we look at certifications, where the fish is caught; and if it’s farmed, is it an organic and humane environment?”  Seasonally, O’Donnell’s purchases fresh produce from local farms.  As a partner in the Oyster Recovery Partnership, O’Donnell’s collects oyster shells, which contributes to the healthy Chesapeake Bay and a sustainable oyster supply.   The market uses as little plastic as possible, and all takeout containers are recyclable.

Throughout the legacy of company O’Donnell’s has engaged with and contributed to the local community.  At their new location, O’Donnell’s Market has joined Rockville Rewards as a business partner.  Rockville Rewards is a buy local partnership program, where businesses create value by offering a discount on cards sold by nonprofit partners to fund existing community programs.

CR Story

O’Donnell’s believes that sustainable practices like choosing responsible vendors is an investment in a quality food supply, and the environment it shares with customers.  ”Trust is the business benefit we see from letting our values guide our decisions,” says Bill. Customers count on their commitment to the community, but also their reputation as an environmental and community steward.

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