Zengo Cycle

Written by Meg McWhirter


Zengo Cycle started as a boutique cycling studio in Bethesda in 2011 and has now begun expanding to locations across the DC area (Logan Circle, Gaithersburg, MD and Fairfax, VA). Our founder Marc Caputo’s vision is to provide an experience for riders that is invigorating and inspiring.


During class, lights are turned down so customers focus inwards rather than compete with one another. One of our core values is a commitment to ”wow and delight.” Every customer should walk out of the studio with a smile on their face. Instructors are encouraged to get to know each client in order to create an environment that is welcoming, rather than intimidating. We have also built awareness of our brand by helping other small businesses, including Sweet Green and Gouter Tonics. These partnerships help us to stay connected with the community.

Sponsoring charity rides on a regular basis offers us an opportunity to get our name out and to support causes that our riders are passionate about. Charity rides are additional to the regular schedule, feature the same great 50-minute workout, and are promoted through Zengo communication channels and by the charity partner. After the ride, groups often bring food to the studio or go to happy hour nearby.

The events are a lot of fun and raise not only dollars but also awareness. Beneficiary organizations have frequently been health-related, including the American Heart Association and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation . We have also supported charity rides initiated by our own staff. One of our instructors is actively involved as a volunteer with KEEN, an organization that promotes exercise for kids with special needs. Our instructor, Brad, requested support organizing a ride for KEEN and we helped him create a event tailored to that request, which proved quite successful.


We believe that Zengo’s core values are what brings people in and brings them back. As we continue to be involved with the community and keep customers happy, we will be able to serve a larger number of clients and continue to deliver on our mission.